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Who Was Mike Grindley? GCHQ Union Campaigner Dies Aged 85


A saddening piece of news is coming to the front. It is reported that Mike Grindley, the man who led the second-longest campaign in British trade union history, passed away. He died at the age of 85. Expressing his sadness on his sudden demise, one of his friends Quentin Tallon said that the world has lost a decent honest man. Apart from him, many other personalities also came forward and mourned Mike’s death. His name happens to be trending on multiple platforms. Read the complete article below to get all the latest details.

Who Was Mike Grindley GCHQ Union Campaigner Dies

Adding further, Tallon described Mike as someone who stood up for his principles and said that he was the reason why people of GCHQ have the right to belong to a free and independent trade union. Getting emotional, Tallon went on to write that Mike was an ordinary man who had been put in this position which he did not want to be in but he had no option. “When he addressed meetings and rallies he had that gift to make people think they were up there doing this”, said Quentin Tallon further in the post.

Who Was Mike Grindley?

As per sources, in 1997, Grindley and his defiant colleagues were sacked before GCHQ unions were reinstated. They were reportedly banned by the then Conservative prime minister Margaret Thatcher. It had caused mass protests and political rows with trade unions calling it a breach of civil liberties. Around 14 workers along with Grindley were sacked as they refused to give up their membership. In 1997, when Tony Blair was elected prime minister, unions were restored to GCHQ, the UK”s intelligence, security, and cyber 14 years later. It is no doubt to say that Mike’s death has become a cause of sadness to many.

Apart from Tallon, who said that his friend made a very important decision during a difficult period in his life because he had three children and was coming up to go to university, many other people also paid heartfelt tributes to him. Everyone who knew Mike and admired him got extremely saddened to learn about his unfortunate passing and could not believe that this has happened. Due to this reason, his name is trending on several social media platforms. Tributary posts and condolence messages have flooded the internet following the announcement of the news. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more such updates and the latest news happening around the world.


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