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Who Was Namy Menang Aka Uwu Girl? Tik Tok Star Cause Of Death Reason Dies At 25


Hello, all the peers, so we are going to inform you of another terrible news with all of our heavy hearts. One of the rising Social Media stars Namy Menang also known as ‘uWu girl’ has passed away. The TikTok star left everyone heartbroken. Her family and her fans are devastated by this untimely demise of the young girl. According to the latest reports, Namy got a cardiac arrest which led her to death. She was 25 years of her age at the time of her death. She is predominately known for the hilarious videos she usually posted on her user account, but life is uncertain and no one knows what is going to happen next.

Who Was Namy Menang Aka Uwu Girl? Tik Tok Star Cause Of Death Reason Dies At 25

All of her fans and followers are expressing their sorrow, giving tribute to Namy and condolence to her family. She is considered one of the most successful social media stars who accumulated global fame. In addition to this, the Malaysian based Tik Tok star became a trend on Social Media and became the talk of the town. She engrossed people with her immensely funny video. All of her videos received much favourable response which provided her rapid fame across the world.

Namy Menang Cause Of Death

As we mentioned above, Namy got worldwide fame because of her astute, funny, and premium content. The ‘uWu girl’ has become an inspiration for many TikTokers who are interested in comic content. She got this name because of her shrill and high-pitched sound. Along with that, the word refers to fun, joy, and happiness that is completely suitable for the pure soul. She got gained much fame with her whimsical videos, but now, all of her followers are extremely said as they can’t enjoy the video of the incredible star.

A huge number of fans are expressing their pain through the various platform of Social Media. The death news of the star has been confirmed by a Facebook page named Boys Love Asia that claimed The ‘uWu girl’ took her last breath on 26th September 2021. The prominent reason for her death is considered as heart-failure. Some of her images wherein she is hospitalized are getting viral on Social Media. It is being said that she was suffering from an atrial septal defect which means she had a hole in her heart. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Namy Menang. Tune in to Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates.


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