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Who Was Natalie Williamson? Dies with Fuquan Due to Fentanyl-Laced Cocaine


You must have heard about the case that happened in LA yesterday where a famous stand-up comedian Fuquan Johnson and two other died due to a fentanyl-laced cocaine overdose at a gathering in Venice. As per the reports, a total of 4 people were there at the spot where three were pronounced dead and the famous comedian and model named Kate Quigley were admitted to the nearest hospital where doctors said that she is in a critical state and going under best medical treatment.

Natalie Williamson death

As per the reports, only two names were identified where one was a stand-up comedian and comic Fuquan Johnson and the second was Kate Quigley but now in the latest reports another identification has been done and as you all know that total 3 were found dead in which one was Fuquan but talking about the name which has been just revealed so it is Natalie Williamson, who also found dead along with 2 other celebs. Talking about the scene so still, one identification is yet to be identified because Johnson’s death was confirmed at the scene and he was 42 years old, on the other side Kate is just 39 years old and the news reports have said that Natalie Williamson was just 32 years old and it seems like she was one of their closet friends and it is expecting that Natalie was also an artist.

After the deaths, a mourning wave has been brought on social media and people went crazy to know about two other faces who died on the same day due to some reason in the same party. Well, according to the new reports Natalie Williamson was a LA native and she was a friend of model and comedian Kate Quigley. Williamson and Quigley both were close friends and were invited to a party by Johnson and Enrico Colangeli in the party.

Now all 4 people have been identified who died on Saturday morning at Venice beach’s house party. You must have heard about Fuquan Johnson the 42 years old stand-up comedian who died due to fentanyl-laced cocaine because this is the first name, came into view after the incident, but there were three more people where two were died along with Johnson but with god grace model and comedian Kate Quigley survived and been hospitalized. Now two other names have been recognized where one is Natalie Williamson a 32 years old lady, who was a close friend of Kate and the 3rd person who died due to the same reason at the spot has identified as Enrico Colangeli who was a young guy among them.


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