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Who Was Nicholas James Erisman? Missing 33-Year-Old Men Found Dead At Lake Manawa


It is coming out that Nicholas James Erisman is missing for a long period of time and the Police in Council Bluffs is searching for him. This news spread like fire on the internet and various users of social media raised many questions on his missing. His family, friends and loved ones prayed for his safety and sad for his missing. He was missing from Thursday 9 February 2023 and this news now gaining a lot of attention on the internet. Let us know what happened to him and the whole information related to this missing incident in this article, so read this article.


According to the sources and statements, He is 33 years old and missing from Thursday. His missing reports reported on Friday 10 February 2023 at the time of the afternoon. Police discovered a dead body during the search of Lake Manawa and an ATV and a helmet thought to belong to him and they recovered theses things in the search of the lake at the time of morning of search day. His dead body was founded by the Midwest Dive Team in the open water when they responded to Lake Manawa. The cause of his death is not been disclosed yet where the investigation is ongoing and investigators are searching for some more shreds of evidence.

He was coming in the area of the Council Buff and missing since Thursday and his missing report was reported on Friday. After his missing, the Council Bluffs Police Department has also launched an alert to search him but now he is discovered dead. He was last seen at the time of the afternoon on Thursday and he went out on a red ATV towards Lake Manawa for his residence. He was last seen as wearing a red, white, and black ice fishing jacket, donned brown overalls, boots and a white and red striped hat.

The investigation is ongoing and police continue on their investigation where they didn’t reveal the exact and confirmed cause of his death. This news is running on the top of the internet where so many people express their responses and reactions towards this incident. There is not much information has been shared that defines his personal life and after getting news and information, we will update our article. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to get more articles on the latest and other news topics of the daily world.


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