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In recent reports, Oliver John Wisdom, also known as Olli Wisdom, has sorrowfully passed away at the mere age of 63. The shocking death news has shattered the British musician’s fans who have been mourning over his tragic demise. However, what was the cause of death of Olli Wisdom has not been disclosed yet. As per some online platforms, it was reported that Wisdom, unfortunately, died on August 23, 2021. The sources didn’t reveal the death reason and it’s still a mystery what happened to the musician that took his life all of a sudden.

Olli Wisdom Dies

The 63-years-old was quite popular in the 1980s and 1990s and was a renowned vocalist of that time. From the gothic and glam rock band titled Specimen, Ollie started his career and witnessed a successful career. He appeared in extremely popular events and his songs were popular around the world. Unfortunately, he took his last breath on Monday and left a mourning world behind. The coming generations will remember his contribution to the music industry. Olli Wisdom was a British Goa (an electronic dance music style), and psytrance musician. Besides, Wisdom was also a clothing producer living in London.

Born on March 8, 1958, in London, Englan, Olli recorded under the name “Space Tribe” in the 1990s. He completed his schooling in London and was born to Anthony Wisdom and Charlotte. Olli was the eldest son in the family and achieved plenty of things in his life. Apart from being the singer in the rock group Specimen, he was also associated as the co-founder of Batcave which is a weekly nightclub and Gargoyle Club, one of the most popular Goth nightclubs. Before co-founding and running the mentioned nightclubs, Olli Wisdom was the lead vocalist for the punk band named “The Unwanted”.

The band Unwanted released many successful songs including “These Boots Are Made For Walking”. Originally, it was sung by Nancy Sinatra, the punk band had released a musical cover that garnered huge popularity in those times. While, Oliver was also a pioneer of psychedelic trance, a kind of music that is characterized by arrangements of rhythm. However, in 1986, the band specimen split which resulted in John Wisdom travelling Asia where he first arrived in Thailand and stayed there for almost 2 years DJing. Later, he moved to Goa in India where he stayed around 4 months. Now, John Wisdom who travelled all over the world has sadly died. We pay homage to his soul!


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