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Who Was Paul Hammack? 4 Men Killed In Granite Bay Accident, Victims Identified


There is news is flowing on the top of the internet related to the car accident which was happened in the Granite Bay area of Placer County. In this accident total three people died and one is injured and their names are Patrick Gainer, Paul Hammack, Karan Pannu, and Jerry Capel. Before bursting into flames the car is ran off the road and stuck into a tree and this tragic accident done on Wednesday evening. This saddest accident has amazed too many people and the community and broken the heart of their families. Here in this article we will hare to you what was happened at the incident spot and this all occurred with those people So, stay and continue reading this article.

Who Was Paul Hammack 4 Men Killed In Granite Bay Accident Victims Identified

Who Was Paul Hammack?

According to The California Highway Patrol Auburn division reports that this tragic car accident happened at around 9:20 pm but it is not clear and conformed. Investigators and the investigation is still continuing for complete information about what was happened to them exactly and collecting more information related to this accident. With full of sorrow, all three passengers died at the incident place while Capel who was the driver of the and driving car and he heavily injured and immediately transferred to the Sutter Roseville Medical Center. The witnesses that the driver was able to get out for the car before it burst into flames but the three passengers was can’t exit the car and passed away form this accident.

Victims Identified Killed In Granite Bay Accident

From the reports of authorities states, They believed that alcohol and drugs may have played the main role in the saddest incident of car accidents. Police is ongoing to their investigation and searching for any other reason for this accident. A memorial has been growing outside of the accident place and family members and friends come and pay their respect for their loss of them after this accident occurred. We will update our article after getting any information related to this accident and share it in our article.

All three people were identified by the authorities and the driver was identified by the Placer County Sheriff’s Office there is many chances that the driver will become in good condition. There are too many people sharing their love on social media to the family who passed away in this accident. There are various news is coming forward related to the car accident which was occurred because of drink and drive so people need to understand that drink and drive is harmful and dangerous to life.


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