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Who Was Riaan Naude? Professional Trophy Hunter Shot Dead in South Africa CCTV Footage Video


Popular South African wildlife trophy hunter Riaan Naude has recently been found dead by police officials. Riaan Naude was 55 years old at the time he died. The reports from the local police officials state that the popular trophy hunter Riaan was killed in Limpopo, which is the northernmost province of South Africa. Riaan Naude was the head of pro-hunting in Africa. He flaunted many of his pictures on social with the animals that he hunted. The animals that he hunted also included elephants, lions, and many other wild forests animal.

Riaan Naude

Reports from the locals state that Riaan Naude was traveling in his car, but suddenly he stooped his car as his car was overheated and while he stopped his car, another car came there and two people came out. That two-person who came from the second car shot Riaan Naude. After shooting and killing Riaan Naude, both killers ran away from the crime spot in their car. Currently, the exact date of Naude’s murder is not known. But the local media outlets have claimed that this deadly and horrendous felony happened in early June.

Further reports claimed that the local police officials found Riaan Naude’s body lying lifeless on the ground with its face up. There was a pool of blood under his body. Riaan Naude’s car was discovered in the Kruger national park which is one of the biggest national parks in South Africa. The reports further claimed that Two rifles with full ammunition, water bottles, and whiskey were found in the car of Riaan Naude. The police officials stated that currently there is no information or clue about the motive behind Riaan Naude’s unfortunate and brutal killing. Although the investigation is going on and they will find out.

Riaan Naude was a popular trophy hunter hailing from South Africa. He was also the head of the Pro Hunting group in South Africa. His group and organization were known for taking paid hunting trips for their clients who paid them. His organization and group were basically based out of South Africa. Riaan Naude had around 1400 followers on his official Instagram account where he was often seen posting pictures of the animals that he hunted. He has posted pictures of lions and elephants and many other big wild forest animals that he killed in his hunting. The police officials have stated that the investigation of this case currently going on soon they will find out the culprits who committed this barbaric and brutal felony. For all the latest national and international updates, news and information stay tuned with us.


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