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Undoubtedly, social media brings popularity in the blink of an eye and can change anyone’s destiny within a second. However, this could also be the reason for someone’s misfortune. Well, there are plenty of cases registered where it is reported that some particular user died while filming themselves or by committing suicide. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss one such user who took her own life and left the world in a shock as no one had imagined that she would take such a big step. Yes, it’s about Rorochan_1999 and why did she commit suicide.


Well, this case is quite old and has come in news after a very long time. Going by the username Rorochan_1999, there was a Japanese live-streamer. She was just 14-years-old when she gained huge popularity. As she was a live-streamer, she used to stream on the internet and by doing the same she managed to get recognition in a very short course of time. The user even has earned a decent fan following who used to look forward to watching her content until one day when she decide to leave her fans behind by committing suicide.

It was reported that Rorochan_1999 jumped off her balcony on November 24, 2013. As per reports, she lived on the 13th floor and on the mentioned date she jumped off and died on spot. The matter has created a lot of controversies back then as no one was expecting the horrifying incident. There were searches everywhere regarding the reason behind her committing suicide. However, the mystery remains unfolded till now as no one really knows what exactly happened to her that day that compelled her to end her life. Earlier, a short GIF surfaced that featured a glimpse of her fall.

On September 14, 2020, audio in the form of a live stream was discovered. Though there is no information about the said video. Talking about Rorochan_1999 a bit, she was a live streamer who loved adventures. Her feed was filled with her attempting dangerous stunts in which standing at the edge of the roof of her apartment was the deadliest. She was quite active on Twitter where she had garnered 31K followers. Her last post on the said app was on November 23, 2013.

It is being said that she started gaining popularity in 2012 where she streamed on FC2, a Japanese streaming platform. Besides, she used to cover her face with a mask and no one has ever seen her face. It was in 2019 when a Japanese rock band named Shinsei Kamattechan released a music video that was animated. Here, they gave tribute to Rorochan_1999 under their song “Ruru’s Suicide Show”. As the music video was based on Ruru’s life, it depicted how could have she taken her life.


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