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Who Was Russell Heller? New Jersey Councilman Shot To Death Near Franklin Township


It is coming forward that New Jersey councilman Russell Heller died and can be said as killed on Wednesday 8 February 2023. He was also known as New Jersey councilman and died at the age 51 years. His dead body was discovered with gunshot wound and there is an investigation is also ongoing. His death news is now running on the top of the internet and other various social media pages. There are various netizens and people raising various questions on this terrible incident, so here we are going to share what happened to him and the whole information related to this incident in this article.

Who Was Russell Heller New Jersey Councilman Shot To Death Near Franklin Township

As per the reports and information, This murder incident took place on Wednesday at around 7 am in a parking lot outside the PSE&G Central Division in Franklin Township. He was killed by Gary Curtis, a former employee. It is coming out that the police know after 3 and half hours his murder and his dead body was discovered in a parking lot on Bridgewater Township and his dead body was founded with gunshot wound. The killer didn’t revealed the reason behind this murder and it is said that the reason behind his murder may be stemmed from a workplace dispute unrelated to his political position.

Who Was Russell Heller?

Russell Heller was a New jersey councilman and he was 51 years old at the time of death and the confirmed cause of his death is not revealed. Gary, a 58 years old former employee is now under custody and the investigation is ongoing. The Investigation had been began after this investigation and the investigators is searching for more evidence of this case. However, the main reason for killing him is not disclosed yet and there is not much information has been shared related to this investigation. We will update our article after getting any news or information related to this murder incident.

This news is now getting a lot of attention and popularity by the netizens and the users of the social media. The spokesperson of a Franklin Police Department shares that the killing was a personal matter and he was not tied but there is no any exact and confirmed news has been announced related to this murder incident. He was an employee for more than 11 years of service and now his death news is a heartbroken news for his loved ones. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to get more articles on the latest news.


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