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Who Was Sabina Nessa? Check Her Cause Of Death Who Killed Her?


A very shocking piece of news is coming forward where it is reported that a primary school teacher named Sabina Nessa had died. Yes, the woman was found dead in a South East London park that hints towards the murder possibilities. Ever since the shocking news came out, many people are left wondering if she has been murdered or has died naturally. Her family and friends have gone devasted to learn about her unfortunate and mysterious demise. The incident has led people to wonder about the possible cause of death. Here’s what we know about it.

Sabina Nessa

Sabina Nessa, a simple primary school teacher, lifeless body was found at the London park. She taught the students at Rushey Green Primary School which is located in Catford. The woman had been teaching the 1st-grade students there in the school for almost a year. Sabina went to Greenwich University where she studied Sociology. Later, she completed her postgraduate degree in teaching from the University of Bedfordshire. Besides, she was also qualified in teaching English as a foreign language and had done the qualification from Cambridge. Nessa assisted several non-English speakers to develop their language skills.

Sources claim that Sabina Nessa was murdered brutally by a mysterious stranger. It is coming forward that she was murdered in a park that is only 5 minutes away from her residence. According to the police, Sabina’s lifeless body was found in Cator Park in Kidbrooke on Saturday morning, September 18, 2021. Nessa’s cousin Zubel Ahmed informed ITV that Sabina was returning from school to home using the same route and was 5 minutes away from home when she was attacked by a stranger. The cousin added that Sabina has been working for some time and has been using the same route for the past few weeks.

Zubel Ahmed paid tribute to the departed soul and stated the family is in deep sorrow and can’t believe the fact that someone has killed Sabina. She had three sisters in her family and she was very loved. Sabina’s parents work at a local Indian restaurant as a chef. However, their names have not been disclosed yet. Police have started their investigation in the case and have been trying to search for the culprit who was involved in the brutal incident. As this is a developing story, we will update you as soon as any other information regarding the case comes to light. Stay tuned to this space!


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