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Who Was Shalom Tauber? Miami Boy Cause of Death, Parents Forget 3 Year Old Boy Inside Hot Car for 8 Hours


A tragic incident took place in Miami recently that blew away the senses of all the people who have learnt about it. The heart-wrenching accident will make your blood run cold. The people who have got the news are just asking how someone could be so careless and that is too with their own kid. The shocking incident ensued in Miami on 11th July 2022 later covered by all the significant media organizations. The case has become the talk of the town and the parents of the kid who lost its life because of their mistake are facing criticism. Get more information on who is Shalom Tauber and the reason for his death.

Shalom tauber

According to the latest reports, Shalom Tauber who was just three years old passed away at the of 3. It is being said that the kid was mistakenly left in the car for 8 hours in the scorching heat outside a Miami preschool where both of his parents work. Miami Herald claimed that Shalom Tauber was one of the kids from the same family associated with the Jewish childcare Lubavitch Educational Center located in Miami Gardens.

As we mentioned that the entire incident took place on 11th July 2022 on Monday when Miami was burning due to record-breaking heat. The temperature on the day was recorded in the mid-90s Fahrenheit range, with the highest temperature recorded at 103 Fahrenheit. As the condition of the boy come to the attention emergency service arrived and he was rushed to the Jackson North Medical Center by a helicopter. However, the kid was declared lifeless by the doctors. Another significant source of information asserted that the Miami-Dade County Media Examiner claimed that hyperthermia and heat exhaustion claimed the life of the young boy.

The law enforcement released some crucial information as per which they talked to the boy’s father named Rabbi Menachem to confirm whether the accident was unintentional one of the media organizations claimed that the father of the victim works for the daycare and it is unclosed whether his working hours were scheduled for Monday.

The authorities further said that Rabbi rushed at around 3 PM to his car after he didn’t notice his son anywhere in the daycare but it was way too long till then and the young soul lost his life due to extreme heat. Tauber was then rushed to the hospital where doctors declared him dead. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and updates.


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