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Who was Shamaya Lynn? Florida Mom Shot Dead by Toddler Son While on Zoom Call Check Video


A shocking incident is coming out from Florida where a child shot his mother called Shamaya Lynn while she was attending a Zoom meeting, When this accident happened a colleague saw everything with his own eyes and he too got scared because she got shot and then fell back. The incident was so frightening that the colleague felt shocked because everything happened so suddenly that he could not understand anything. But then he called 911 at the same time as he died at the same time due to a bullet injury to her head.

Shamaya Lynn

Now everyone is keen to know about comprehensive details of her, so Shamaya Lynn is a 21-years-old mother and she belonged to Altamonte Springs, Florida, she dies on Wednesday, 11th August 2021, but presently she was living in North of Orlando, and it’s being told that she was on Zoom call and suddenly neighbour heard bang sound of a bullet. After being shot she fell down from the chair, and her colleagues saw everything during the whole incident. Therefore, the neighbour made a call to 911, and when they arrived they found her dead, and her injury spot was terrible that made them shocked too.

There are reports that Lean was murdered by her son but the gun is registered in her husband’s name and due to this the police issued a statement on 12th August. Where they said that the investigative team has made it clear that the real responsible for the incident is the child as he fired from the loaded gun. They further said that if you take such weapons for your safety, then it is your responsibility to keep them safe. Because if you keep it unsafe then it can lead to any major incident like what happened with Shamaya Lynn.

As per the sources, an Investigation is going on so that, it can be ascertained whether the gun in whose name is registered will face charges or not, everything is now under investigation. As the incident was carried out by a child, it is necessary to find out what kind of charges the owner of the gun has to face by the investigators. It is also being told that as a child shot his mother, it cannot be a normal thing because someone has lost her life. So let see what actions will be taken by the police, we have mentioned all details which came as per the reports. 


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