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Who Was Shimron Adams? D’Urban Businessman Shot Dead In Robbery


A piece of heartbreaking news is taking place on the internet people are talking about it on Twitter and the police are also investigating the crime. The incident happened last night at a club where Shimron Adams has been killed. According to the reports, Andrew Ridley is considered a suspect. Here in this article, we are going to give you all information about the crime and you will also get to know who was Andrew Ridley and how did he die?

Who Was Shimron Adams D'Urban Businessman Shot Dead In Robbery

Who Was Shimron Adams?

Shimron Adams was a shop owner and was 41 years old at the time of his death. He was killed by bandits wearing masks at a nightclub in Lot ‘H’ D’Urban and Chapel Street, Lodge, Georgetown on 29th December 2022. The businessman was killed on Boxing Night. According to the police reports Andrew is on their wanted list for a month for having a connection with the murder case of Decter McFarlene, who lived in Laing Avenue in West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, and was killed by Him on 11th November 2022. Further, they said that He had also stolen the jewelry and a shoulder bag in which he had the winnings of that night.

How Did Shimron Adams Die?

Shimron’s sister Shivon Adams said that 4 people were trying to steal his bag from him while he was struggling to cling onto his bag and when they were unable to steal it they shoot and killed him. It was around 23:40 hrs when he was killed. She called the police and 15 minutes later at 23:55 police visited the crime scene and started their investigation. He was murdered near his shop and the place has CCTV cameras. Shivon said that he was a kind heart person and so helpful to his friends and others as well. He also has a 7-year-old son.

Shivon claims that she is normally familiar to everyone he knows and aware of the females he knows. According to a 29 years old woman who said she had an intimate relationship with him last night at around 21:30 hrs. She went to Adams and consumed alcohol. Adams and his sister were instructed to lie on the ground. When the suspects entered the premises through the shutter. Now the police are taking action and investigating the whole crime to know who is the real culprit. People on Twitter are prying for him and his family as they are going threw a very bad time. To get more latest news and updates stay connected to socialtelecast.com


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