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Who Was Timothy Reynolds? Man with bat fatally shot after confronting squeegee workers in downtown Baltimore


According to reports, the man who was shot to death by a squeegee kid has been identified as 48-year-old Timothy Reynolds. On Thursday, July 7, 2022, the man was fatally shot by a squeegee kid after he tried to attack a group of them. It is reported that Timothy lived in the city’s Hampden neighborhood and had a wife and three children. Needless to say, the family is mourning the death of the deceased man. They asked for privacy on Friday. Check further details of the entire case in the article below.

Timothy Reynolds

Keith Daniels, Timothy’s mother-in-law, said that the former was a loving and kind family man. It is no doubt to state that his unfortunate death has shocked his quiet North Baltimore neighborhood. Talking about Timothy’s death, a neighbor Freda Collavini stated that she just feels bad that it happened to him and his family and it is just sad that it is done and nothing can bring him back to his family. According to Baltimore police, Reynolds was driving his SUV through the intersection of Light and Conway Streets near Inner Harbour and had a heated interaction.

Baltimore police further stated that Reynolds pulled over and got out of his SUV, wielding a baseball bat. Police Commissioner Michael Harrison said that they do not really know whether Reynolds actually hit the four to five young men at the intersection or not but they know that one of those guys pulled out a gun and shot Timothy. After the incident, Reynolds’ baseball bat, covered in blood, was left at the scene. Taking his health into consideration, Timothy was taken to a nearby hospital for further treatment. However, the man could not be saved and he died. On another side, the young men fled on foot before officers arrived at the scene.

Squeegee kids have reportedly smashed windows and broken windshield wipers because they weren’t paid, according to drivers. Earlier this year, some drivers who had their mobile phones taken by squeegee boys reported having money stolen from them using internet programs. Squeegee kids have attacked drivers or splashed them with chemicals in more serious instances. Although it is legally against the law, the police do not enforce current city laws. If the offense is committed, a ticket is issued. The matter has gained a lot of attention from the netizens. For more updates on the case and other pieces of news, follow our site.


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