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Who Was VMJ Forex Cause Of Death Reason Was He Shot Dead? Who Killed VMJ?


A shocking piece of news is coming forward where it is being reported that South African trader VMJ Forex has died. Reportedly, the trader was shot to death inside his own car. The people who were close to him and knew him are in deep sorrow and can’t believe the fact that their precious one has left the world at such a young age. Tons of tributes have flooded the social media platforms while the netizens are praying for the peace of his soul. However, the big question is how did he die and what was the actual cause of VMJ’s death. Here’s everything we know about it so far.

VMJ Forex Cause Of Death Reason Was He Shot Dead Who Killed VMJ

The death video of VMJ Forex has been getting circulated on the internet. As per reports, on September 15, 2021, the Forex trader was killed inside his car. Apart from him, there were two other people present in the car. It is being said that all three people were victims of this horrifying incident. Besides, some sources also claim that one of the three people was the VMJ Forex’s girlfriend while the other one’s identity is not recovered yet. The news has terrified everyone who is coming across it as the murder cases are increasing for some time.

Some theories are also claiming the fact that the person who killed VMJ was none other than his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend. However, these are just theories and speculations and there is no official confirmation about it as of now. Twitter users are expressing their sadness over his demise and saying that the murder looks filmy as VMJ was shot because of a girl. Though it is not the first time when a trader has been attacked as previously Lesiba Mothupi and Leadership Monhla witnessed the same attacks.

Talking about VMJ Forex, he was quite popular in the industry and was mainly known for his collection of yellow cars. Most of his pictures are of him posing with his yellow cars. He was known as the owner of VMJ Forex Education and loved teaching people how to trade and offered mentorship and lessons as well. It is very unfortunate to hear about the sudden demise of the popular millionaire trader. Though, as mentioned above, the police are still investigating the incident and trying to collect as many shreds of evidence as possible to trace the culprit who murdered VMJ on Wednesday. Follow our site for more updates on the saddening incident.


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