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Who Was Yevgeny Kulesh? Bolshoi Theater Actor Dies Tragically Falling Scenery On Him Video


Another shocking piece of news is reported where a Russian actor named Yevgeny Kulesh has reportedly passed away. It is coming forward that he was killed in a tragic accident during a set change in the opera Sadko. As shocking as it seems, it is the truth. The Bolshoi Theater’s performer died on Saturday, October 9, 2021, after he was hit by falling scenery. No one had expected that the artist would die in such a manner. Everyone is curious to know what exactly happened with the actor and what was his actual cause of death.

Yevgeny Kulesh

The Bolshoi Theater released an official statement on October 9 where they asked the audience who were present at the theatre to leave while the performances were stopped right away. The theatre said that Kulesh was killed in an unfortunate accident during a set change in the opera Sadko. As per reports, the Russian actor was crushed to death by falling scenery at Moscows’ World famous theatre. It is being said that Yevgeny Kulesh walked in the wrong direction while the scenery was going down. Their timing clashed and the actor was eventually trapped below the scenery.

Yevgeny Kulesh Death Video

As soon as the news came to light, it took everyone as a surprise. People were shocked to learn about the incident which resulted in an innocent person losing his life. Though some people were also speculating that the accident may have been a stage trick. However, the doubts got cleared when other performers started shouting and screaming for an ambulance and seemed scared. Kulesh’s death has devastated his family and friends. Everyone is mourning his death on their social media account as it was really unfortunate to happen with him. Tributes are being paid by the users as well.

Talking about Yevgeny Kulesh, he was 38-year-old and had been working for the theatre for the past 20 years. Originally, he joined the troupe in 2002 and worked in a mimic ensemble at the time. Nikolai Tsikaridze shared that Kulesh was the husband of one of his colleagues and that he studied and also worked together with the famous artist at the Bolshoi Theater while being in an interview. Besides, Kulesh’s friends revealed that the former didn’t have any children and that he raised his wife’s child on his own. Also, his neighbours stated that Kulesh stayed alone with his mother in Orekhovo-Zuyevo. Yevgeny Kulesh’s tragic death has become the reason for so many people getting upset.


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