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Who were Jade Baker-Wright and Andre Johns? Pitcairn Apartment Shooting Footage Video


There is a piece of shocking news is coming forward related to the death of two people who were discovered inside a Pitcairn apartment on Friday night. The body of both persons was discovered by police on 6 January 2023. There are so many people who share their interest in this news and lots of social media users raised various questions related to this terrible incident. The police investigation is ongoing and sharing some more information, So here in this article we are going to check all information related to this terrible incident and mention it in this article.

Who were Jade Baker Wright and Andre Johns

As per exclusive information from the reports, Both of them were founded dead by the Allegheny County Police inside the Pitcairn flat. The medical examiner of the office described the identity of the victims late Friday night such as they both were residents of Pitcairn. One of them was Jade Baker, a 20-year-old and the second dead person was Andre Johnson who was 21 years old. They both were discovered with gunshot wounds and heavy injuries from the gunshot called the cause of their death. Police arrived for a welfare check at around 4:35 pm at an apartment in the 500 block of Broadway Boulevard where they found two dead bodies and begin an investigation.

Police stated that a family member made a call who was checking on them forced her way into the apartment according to Lt. Venerando Costa. People are searching to make contact with their families and anyone who know them and continue their investigation to collect more shreds of evidence. The reason why this fatal gunshot incident occurred is still unknown to everyone and Detectives from the County unit is still looking into the fatalities but they didn’t make any other announcements related to this terrible incident. Although, the investigation is continuing and we will our article after getting any other information related to this incident and mention it in our article.

This death incident makes a scary moment for the resident of that area and the people are fully worried that it never happen again there. There are various news cases are coming forward related to this kind of fatal shooting and this type of crime is increasing day by day. There are many cases coming out in which people kill for money, revenge, and maybe other reasons. Stay tuned to socialtecast.com for reading more articles related to the latest news and other news topics of the entire world.


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