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Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Bangla (SRGMP) Grand Finale Winner Name Arkadeep Mishra 18th April 2021 Episode Runner Ups


The most anticipated show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa- Bangla has reached the grand finale and the makers of the show are going to on-aired the telecast on 18th April 2021 at 07:00 Pm. the show is one of the most-watched music reality show among the viewers and hence everyone is eagerly waiting for the tonight’s decisive decision. Viewers have shown their infinity love over its participants and witnessed their musical journey, and everyone has their favorite contestants and they desperately want to watch them as a winner, so here you can get to know all details below.

sa re ga ma pa bangla winner name

All well-known singers are ready to grace the grand finale stage with their presence and performances, it seems the grand Finale looks liberal of promises and the show will astonish you definitely. Hence this has increased the impatience of the people Because all prominent singers who have popularity up to the next level are becoming the witness of the show. Those singers are Shankar Mahadevan, KK, Shaan, and Shivmani will make the show overwhelming and entertain an audience along with their unquestionable Captivating Performances.

Who Won Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Winner Name

  • Arkadeep Mishra

Here you can get to know about the top 6 finalist details as well along with possibilities of winning chances. Because as per the voting details the winner’s name would be released soon, because votings are still going on. All those top 6 finalists are Niharika, Anushka, Jyoti, Raktim, Bidipta, and Arkadeep. They will face off against each other with their incredible performances to get the undefeatable position of a winner. In the show, Renowned Judges Akriti Kakkar, Mika Singh, Srikanta Acharya, and Joy Sarkar along with the cognoscente gurus, Raghav Chattopadhyay, Iman Chakraborty, and Maonmoy Bhattacharya will make you feel effusive.

As we have mentioned details regarding the guests and Top finalists so now everyone has a curiosity to get to know the name of the expected winner. But All the finalists are fantabulous towards singing, but everything depends on voting because now everything is under the hands of the audience. Because all finalist has created their unbreakable fan following and uncounted people are following them. Through which their winning chances are increasing, another side all the finalist are shivering because of the result which will reveal tonight on the stage, because such a big opportunity they have and want to win the show.

When the show started at that time makers did not know that the show will get huge popularity in such a small duration, but all fantabulous contestants entered the show and made it possible. The show counts in the top TRP rating and it has the title of a most-watched TV reality show, and it is being watched by numerous people online as well. Because if someone misses to watch it so makers have bestowed an alternate to stream it Because on there you can watch it anytime anywhere whenever you feel like streaming. So the grand finale will take a place from 07:00 onwards so do not miss watching it at the correct time, and for more updates stay connected with us.


  1. Judges have done very unfair to SAMADIPTA…..She was the first & finest performer and of course blessed by living legend Great LATA JI…..RESLLY Very unfair….very shameful!!!!!

  2. The winner should have been niharika/anoushka, while Arkadeep is an extraordinary folk singer,his musical prowess, at least on this platform was thoroughly limited to just folk

    • Couldn’t agree more. While other contestants experimented so much with their genres and singing styles. This guy didn’t prove much in terms of versatility. Results didn’t seem fair.

  3. The panel of judges have done wrong judgement on Selection of the 4 out of 6. The day was for Raktim instead of Arkodip….a pure Folk singer who can’t be a playback singer in his lifetime. But Raktim is set to be a genuine playback singer. Arijit Singh was also a victim of the Judges but has shown his commandable calibre to hold the history of highest quality of legends. Let’s see what is going to happen with Raktim.

  4. The Grand finale was really GRAND ! Our Salute specially
    to the backstage musical Maestros who groomed and presented these talented performers ! But the judgement disappointed us.Keeping full respect to all participants our humble question to the judges – has the talent of Niharika been properly appreciated ? We strongly feel that Niharika has been deprived of the honour that she really deserved.To us NIHARIKA is the real champion. “Don’t worry Niharika, have faith on your potentials as a great Singer !”

    • So true. One of the judges said this episode will be remembered because of Niharika and everyone will talk its that episode of sa ra ga ma where Niharika sang! She is too good to be cpmpared with any other competititors…but was robbed the glory.

  5. Again zee Bangal sa re ga ma pa has proved that if you watch this program for a long time by spearing your valuable time, you will have to repent because of wrong judgement. By this way real stars are continuously disappointed in different seasons. Arkadeep is just a folk singer where as Niharika, Raktim, Bidipta & Anushka have shown their versatility in different episodes. Do the judges consider the public foolish or they wanted to show something different in their judgement.

  6. Couldn’t agree more. While other contestants experimented so much with their genres and singing styles. This guy didn’t prove much in terms of versatility. Results didn’t seem fair.

  7. It’s always scripted but this time it went horribly wrong. Last time at least winner was the best singer with astonishing versatility.

  8. Such a bogus judgement from such reputed judges unexpected. This type of incident is observed in political affairs, not in the world of music. Zee Bangla program is a world class program. Here we expect a better treatment. With due respect to Arkadeep Misra, I must say that Niharika and Anushka should have been considered.

  9. For me winner should be Niharika/Anoushka. Although Arkadeep is an extraordinary folk singer but does not deserve to win this. He may be the best folk singer within all of them but not as a playback. He didn’t prove himself as a versatile singer. Not only that on the 1st round Raktim sung much more better than Arkadeep. Really very unfair and partiality was done. Very frustrated for all of the viewers who watched this through a long time. At the end just found as a got up game. really Shameful…

  10. The judgement of the judges was ridiculous. Either they were asked to name arkadeep or they were failed to judge properly. It is best to change the system from the next year. Indian idol and zee hindi declare the winner on the basis of vote of the viewers.Aneek Dhar became the winner of zee hindi on viewers vote. Basically the best singer us been deprived this year. The winner of this year is a good singer but not like the quality of Niharika or Anusks

  11. Zee bangla repeated the blunder it made with Anwesha Dutta Gupta long back A prodigigal singer like Anwesha was made 1st runner up in li’l champ. The champ sank into oblivion but Anwesha proved herself to the world. Similarly Niharika, Bidipta and Anuska won the hearts of the music lovers and will continue to do so. It’s a pity that Zee bangla could not honour the real talents.

  12. Arkadeep was not a versatile singer like Anushka. So how could the judges declare him champion? Obviously there was an influential calculation.. we, the people are not so fool that we can’t understand the fact. In this conspiracy of influential calculation Anushka was made scapegoat.

  13. Wrong judgement. Arkadeep was the worst performer compared to the other three cotestants of the final . It was a clear case of nepotism. The judges are biast .

  14. Totally agree with the comments above. Nharika deserved the first position, followed by Anushka and Bidipta. Arkadeep was not at all a versatile singer and his performance in the first round was quite unimpressive. But my biggest disappointment was with the judges- they have not given any explanation as to how they came to this awfully wrong decision. After their decision, all the praises that they had heaped on Niharika, Bidipta and Anushka on the day of the finale, and throughout the series, seems so hollow and dishonest. Shame on them. This was a rigged game! Expected far better judgement from Srikanta and Joy !

  15. I also think it was not fair to have those dances going on while the singers were performing. They were definitely distraction to the viewers- I know I would have liked to focus more on the songs and music. After all this was a music competition, not a variety performance or concert. I think it was particularly bad when Raktim was performing- even one of the judges- Akriti Kakkar was distracted while he was singing! I wonder who thought of this? Did they ( organizers/ judges) think that they could distract the audiences enough so that they wouldn’t realize that a wrong person was selected as the winner? I really think the judges need to explain their thoughts individually! That it was a predetermined decision is also apparent from the fact that when they announced the 4 finalists at the end of the first round, the names were announced in exactly the opposite order- Anushka, Bidipta, Niharika and Arkadeep


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