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Why Assam Police Arrested Pawan Khera At Delhi Airport? Charges & Reports


There is a piece of news is coming forward that Pawan Khera was arrested at Delhi airport and this news is continuously circulating on the top of the internet and the news. He is a popular politician of India and also known as an attacking leader of the Congress Party. His arrest incident was done on Thursday 23 February 2023 and. now his arrest news is getting too much attention of the internet and many social media users raising various questions on his arrest, so here we will analyze the whole information related to this arrest incident in this article.

Pawan Khera

As per the exclusive news and statements, He was arrested at the Delhi Airport and this incident took place on Thursday. He disembarked from an airplane and was suddenly arrested by the Assam Police. He was deplaned from an Indigo Flight where he was along with many other Congress leaders who were also confused on his arrest. The plane in which he traveled was flown to Raipur for the plenary sessions of All India Congress Committee (AICC). It is also a crime forward that he was arrested without any questioned and warrant by the Assam Police which it informed that he was arrested under section 153A, 120B.

Pawan Khera was born in Delhi, India on 31 July 1968 and he was the Political Secretary to Delhi’s Chief Minister named Sheila Dikshit. He completed his education from High school and also attended Delhi University and he is most popular as INC National Spokesperson. He is currently 53 years old and Delhi is his hometown. He begins his career in politics at the age of 21 as a Youth Leader and he is also active on many social media platforms. His wife Dr. Kota Neelima and there is not much information has been shared related to his personal details.

There are many short clips and post available on the internet that shows his insulting remarks on PM Modi. The investigation is ongoing but not much information has been shared related to this arrest incident. This news became a topic of discussion on which many users of social media expressed their responses and reactions. Indigo Airlines said on this topic that he was forced to exit from the plane and it caused to travelers due to delay the plane. We will update our article after getting any other information related to this arrest topic. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to read more articles on the latest news.


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