Home Entertainment Why Dezirae Arrested For His Girlfriend Death: How Old Was Dezirae Andersen?

Why Dezirae Arrested For His Girlfriend Death: How Old Was Dezirae Andersen?


Today we are going to share with you news about a couple who got into a dangerous fight in which also physical abuse was also involved and this fight led to the partner’s death. The girl fell from the roof of a times square hotel after a fight. This news is getting viral and spreading widely all over the net. People want to know about this couple and what happened between them that led to the death of a girl. What happened exactly we will try to provide you with all answers to all your questions. To know more about this case details and information please continue to read.

Why Dezirae Arrested For His Girlfriend Death

Why Dezirae Arrested For His Girlfriend’s Death

The couple we are talking about is Tyler Griffin and Deziare Andersons. Tyler Griffin was arrested after her girlfriend Deziare fell from the roof of a Times Square Hotel after a fight. Tyler Griffin is the boyfriend of the dead Dezirae Andersen. They were in a long relationship for a long time but it is not clear whether they are married or not we can assume and expect to married already because they welcomed a baby girl in August 2022. On their Facebook profile biodata wrote that they were married to each other.

Why Dezirae Arrested For His Girlfriend Death How Old Was Dezirae Andersen

Late Dezirare was an actress and model who was 20 years old. She graduated from the University of Colorado Denver. According to the reports, Dezirae Andersen staying with Tyler Griffin with their daughters at the OYO Hotel. The incident happened on 2 May 2023 when Tyler fought in their hotel room on the 10th floor. Tyler allegedly punched Dezirae repeatedly before the couple come into the hallway. Then Dezirae jumped off from the Times Square hotel window. However, Tyler was arrested on the charge of assault and risking the people’s life. He was also charged with hurting their eight old month child. Tyler Griffin pulled their daughter’s arm causing her to fall off the stairs but she did not hurt as someone catches her at the end of the staircase and did not get injured.

However, Tyler Griffin who is her boyfriend was arrested following his girlfriend’s death and he is now in custody. According to police, Tyler Griffin acted arbitrarily so police have to use a stun device to stop him when they went to the spot in the hotel and arrest him. later, Tyler Griffin was taken down to Bellevue Hospital because of the act he did in front of the police. Tyler is currently in jail and his first trial in court already happened another trial of him will be on 15 June. Stay tuned to the social telecast.


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