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Why Did Amir Nasr-Azadani Arrest? Iranian Soccer Player Sentenced To Death


Amir Nasr is one of the most popular football players of the Iranian soccer team and nowadays people are talking a lot about him. Amir has gained so much popularity and become a well-known soccer player at a very young age. Sadly Amir got arrested and sentenced to death and people are searching on the internet to know what did he done and why he got this punishment. in this article, we will give you every single piece of information related to him.

Why Did Amir Nasr-Azadani Arrest Iranian Soccer Player Sentenced To Death

Why Did Amir Nasr-Azadani Arrest?

Amir is a professional football player and have played in many football tournaments. But he played last time for the Persian Gulf Pro League side Tractor as a defender and after that He has not played any professional tournament since November 2017. Amir was born on 7 February 1996 in Isfahan, Iran. Talking about his family currently, we don’t have any information about his family.

Iranian Soccer Player Sentenced To Death

Amir Nasr’s full name is Amir Reza Nasr Azadani and he was arrested by Iranian police last month November. The crime was mentioned by the police he did he became part of the protest in against the death of Mahsa Amini. According to the reports the 26 years old football player is not the only one who has been sentenced to death. He is one of those 28 Iranians who have been sentenced to death for taking part in protests including three children and according to the BBC’s Persian Service the three children were physically tortured during their detention.

Amir Nasr will be hanged as he participated in the protest against the death of Masha Amini who has breached the country’s strict rules of covering head arrested for wearing a hijab improperly and found dead in mid-September. Witnesses have said tha the Guidance Patrol have beaten her to death but Iranian government has said that she suffered a heart attack.

FIFPRO said that they are shocked and sickened by the news that professional football player Amir Nadr-Azadani has been sentenced to death, after stating for women’s rights and basic freedom in his country. Further, they said that “We stand in solidarity with Amir and call for the immediate removal of his punishment”. His fans are also posting for the removal of his punishment from the government.


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