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Why Did Constance Wu Attempt Suicide Crazy Rich Asians’ Star Reveals The Truth


After a very long, once again the “Crazy Rich Asians” star Constance Wu is coming into the limelight due to her exploit which she executed in 2019, after trying to commit suicide. Yes, you heard right, she dropped an entire letter while conveying everything that, at what kind of stuff she had gone through because of which, she had to take a step while ending up her life. As soon as her admirers are getting acquainted with the letter their immense reactions started coming out. Because no one had even assumed that a day will bring something controversial to such an extent, below you could get everything you need to know.

Constance wu

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Constance Wu shared a note through her Twitter account where she conveyed everything, about her worst step of ending up her life while she could have found the solution. She admitted that it was her mistake to decide something due to the heat-moment, and therefore, whoever is getting familiarized with the statement their immense, reactions are coming to the fore while paying concern towards her. Because nothing is worst than taking the step to commit suicide without finding out the solution, as every trouble brings the solution out too you just need to find it accurately.

What Happened To Constance Wu In 2019?

The controversy commenced when she shared a Tweet in 2019 regarding her renewal of a TV show, it ignited outrage and Internet shaming that got pretty severe. Therefore, when she was continuously receiving the backlashing, everything disappeared from her eyes, and therefore, when she was not able to understand anything she took the step towards suicide as spontaneously suicidal tendencies surrounded her from all four corners. But her close ones saved her and made her realize “how wrong she was” because a few heat moments could decide the fortune of anyone else.

Through the letter, she disclosed that one of her friends saved her from the lethal step and gave her a ray of hope while advising that “Death is not the only solution of anything”. Even she implemented their words on herself after being healed and now she is very thanks full to them otherwise, today she would have passed away. Her conveying letter is making huge rounds on all over social media, while receiving the huge response from the side of users. So here we have mentioned everything and when more will come out we will update you.


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