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Why Did Greg Simmons Resign? Veteran KSAT Sports Anchor Faces DWI Charge Explained


It is coming forward that Greg Simmons has decided to leave KSAT-TV after his arrest on Friday 27 January 2023. He was mostly known as the director and anchor and worked for this for a long period of time. This news spread like fire on the internet and so many people share their responses to this news. There are so many of his loved ones who reacted to this news on social media and he is one of the beloved of others. In this article, we will discuss whole information about what happened to him and also talk about some other information related to this.

Why Did Greg Simmons Resign Veteran KSAT Sports Anchor Faces DWI Charge Explained

According to the sources, he shares a statement on the internet in which he wrote that he worked with the best in the business while sharing his passion for sports and our community. He served the community for more than four decades around 42 years and he became one of the favorite anchors of the people. He is humbled and overwhelmed by his family, friends, colleagues, loved ones, supporters, and all of them who liked him and his events. He resigned at KSAT 12 from his role as Sports Director and says “I am grateful and now this brings to focus on my health and wellness”.

Why Did Greg Simmons Resign?

He was arrested on Friday on the Northwest side of San Antonio when he was driving home from a bar. It is said that he was intoxicated at the time of driving and the court records or from the sources that he was driving at 20 miles per hour. He was arrested when a Bexar County deputy responded to reports and he was stopped by a deputy officer of Bexar County who understand that he was drunk and spotted that he is out of control. When the deputy officer asked for his driving license at that time, he was not able to speak clearly and respond to the deputy officer.

He was born in San Antonio, Greg Simmons, and completed his education at Jefferson High School and Trinity University. He joined the KWED and during the days of school life, he began his career on the radio and became an announcer. He became the beloved person of his loved ones. After sharing this message on the internet lots of people express their sorrow for this decision. There is not much information coming out related to this topic and about him. Stay connected to get more articles on the latest news of the entire world.


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