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Why Is ‘Tiger King’ Star Joe Exotic Sentenced To 21 Years In Prison? Charges Explained!


Once again, Tiger King Joe Exotic is remaining the hot potato among social media users, as he was resentenced to 21 years behind the bars through a federal judge on Friday. Since the news has surfaced, pure internet public relations is talking about him because at this time he is going to become a hot issue. Because in such a way as if his sentence has been given a straight 21 years, then it is attracting the attention of the people because whenever such an incident suddenly occurred it enhances the immense curiosity among the people to get the comprehensive details behind the news. 

Why Is Tiger King Star Joe Exotic Sentenced To 21 Years In Prison Charges Explained

As per the exclusive reports or sources, his sentence has been reduced to just one year, despite many arguments that he is suffering from cancer, that’s why almost all his close people are still filing the petition, so that, the court could provide him more relaxation from the sentenced. In his defence, he also requested the judge so that, his sentence can be reduced a bit more, he said that please be given some time as he is suffering from a serious disease, because due to this disease, he may die anyway so please don’t leave him to kill because it is absolutely wrong.

What Happened To Joe Exotic?

Now, uncounted people are keen to get some more pieces of his personal stuff, so reportedly his real name is Joseph Maldonado who is well known as Joe Exotic as well. He was condemned in a case involving animal welfare activist Carole Baskin. These two were featured in Netflix’s “Tiger King: Murder, Madness, and Mayhem, due to these charges the prime culprit has been taken into custody through the concerned department because all these exploits require strict punishment and he is getting what he did. Because the way he has done all those exploits seems unforgivable enough.

If the further reports are to be believed, so convicted was sentenced amid 2020-22 behind the bars, after his prime involvement was spotted for hiring two-person to kill Baskin. On another side, Maldonado Passage also gets the appropriate sentence of killing five tigers and selling tigers cubs along with falsifying wildfire records. As soon as the news is getting circulated on social media it is fetching huge attention of the users, and almost everyone is supporting the decision of the judging panel. Because if the culprit did not get the punishment now then he will definitely execute such crimes again.


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