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Why Jennifer Burrows Arrested: Morgue Worker Gave Birth To Dead Man Baby?


The news going viral all over social media platforms and news channels about morgue workers. People are scrounging the web to find out more and why she is getting attention from the people. People are curious to know about her and news whether is true or not. We will provide with you all the information and details about this news so keep continuing to read the article and scroll down the page and know more about it.

Morgue Worker Gave Birth To Dead Man Baby

Why Jennifer Burrows Arrested

Jennifer Burrows, a mortuary employee, was detained when a DNA test indicated that her newborn kid was born as a result of necrophilic encounters with a deceased person she was supposed to be autopsying. Jennifer Burrows, an assistant pathologist with the Jackson County medical examiner services is accused of having sex with dozens of corpses over the course of the last two years, a behavior that led to the birth of a baby.

Jennifer Burrows Arrested

People are debating whether the report is true or false as it has become widely circulated on social media. Many people have made headlines after taking the news seriously. The report is false, though Jennifer did not give birth to a child after having $ex with a dead body she has maybe mental health issue that’s why she did with the corpse which comes to autopsying.

A psychologist and expert in sexual disorders believe that the accused is clearly a
compulsive necrophiliac and that her choice of profession was inspired by her $exual deviation in the first place. and a lot of the notion of reality.

Jennifer Burrows is a 26-year-old mortuary employee. She works for the Jackson County medical examiner services as an assistant pathologist. According to the police. Jennifer is accused of $exually abusing more than 60 corpses over the past two years. She is facing 158 charges including possession, abuse, misconduct, and indecent exposure of a corpse. However, it is a false report that she led to the birth of a child as you can also think how she birth to a child when the person they had  $ex with a dead body and was not a living human being anymore. To know more updates stay tuned with Social telecast.


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