Home Entertainment Why Did Sharad Pawar Resign? As NCP Leaders Break Down Over Resignation

Why Did Sharad Pawar Resign? As NCP Leaders Break Down Over Resignation


Sharad Pawar has resigned from his political party. Yes, you heard right he resigned and this news is spreading like wildfire on the news and internet sites. After coming out of this news, the political world is shocked and stunned. He served as the Chief Minister of Maharastra for four times and was mostly known as an Indian politician. He was one of the members of the Nationalist Congress Party but now it is shared that he resigned from his party. Let us discuss the complete detail about him and what is the reason behind his resignation in this article, so continue your reading.

Sharad Pawar Resign Breaking News

Why Did Sharad Pawar Resign?

He announced on the occasion of releasing his autobiography to quit his post as President on which many of his NCP leaders and workers expressed their sadness and protested against his resigning decision. He stated in a statement that to quit “I have decided to quit and step down from my post of president on the NCP.” He also announced the formation of a panel of senior leaders to decide the future course of action of NCP. Although, many NCP leaders or workers denied his decision and demanded he withdraw his decision. Scroll down to know more about his decision.


Sharad Pawar Resign Breaking News Update

His political leaders and workers said that we will not leave the venue until he withdraws his decision. He also mentioned turning the roti in the Yuva Manthan program and this program was held in Mumbai last week. He has resigned from his political party, NCP, and his political party leaders or workers demanding him to withdraw his decision. There is not much information has been shared about this incident. Thus, we will update our article after getting more news and information related to this topic and share it in our article.

This news gained huge attention in the news and become a topic of discussion and we shared the complete information about his resignation news. If we talk about his personal life, his nickname is Bhishmapitamaha. He was born on 12 December 1940 in Baramati, Bombay, India and he is currently 82 years old. He married Pratibha Pawar in 1967 and is the father of a daughter. He is an Indian politician and a member of the National Congress Party. There is not much information coming forward related to this topic. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to read more articles.


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