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Why Was Ludwig Ahgren Banned From Youtube? Who Is Twitch Star Ludwig Suspended After Changing Platforms


A very famous Youtuber named Ludwig has been banned from Youtube well, undoubtedly saying this won’t be bad that he is one of the noted streamers on Twitch and his name is trending on social after news came that he has been banned from youtube and his fans are getting curious to know if the news is real and if it so then what will he do and some are also checking the reaction of him after all he has a huge fan base on his social media platforms.


When it comes to talking about the news or better say the banned on his channel so the streamer’s channel has been banned from YouTube after getting some restrictions from the platform due to some copyright violation. Well, if you are one of his fans so you will be glad to know that he became the latest twitch streamer who shifted to Youtube and immense popularity there as well. Ludwig was restricted from streaming just days after with many speculating the shock ban came as a result of DMCA strikes. Well, the creator even took his Twitter where he posted a screenshot along with the caption where he wrote “you could say the switch has been going well…”

Well, as you all know about the real thing his channel went on suspend but another thing that must make you keen to know about the real name of your favorite streamer so we would like to tell you that Ludwig’s real name is Ludwig Anders Ahgren and he is an American Twitch streamer, YouTuber, sports commentator, and former Super Smash Bros Melee professional player. After leaving Twitch Ludwig signed to Youtube and surprisingly he got immense fame there as well.

Undoubtedly he became one of the latest Twitch streamers who shifted to Youtube and just after shifting to the platform got immense stardom. On YT he usually steams Gaming, joining big names like TimTheTatman, CouRage, Dr. Lupo, and Valkyrie, all of whom have also made the leap. Let’s see how soon will his channel get back in the game or if it will really come back or perhaps the streamer will make a new account. Till then stay tuned with us to read all the latest updates on entertainment and also on trending stuff.


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