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Why Was Tara Jay Arrested? News Goes Viral On Social Media, Transgender Tiktok Star Arrest?


In our everyday life, many videos are uploaded on the internet and social media pages of which some went viral for their special and different kind of content. Similarly, there is a video of threats coming out and this video is getting a lot of attention and social media. Tara Jay shared a video in which she threats someone now this video is gaining so much popularity on the internet. This video attracts the interest of many people who are now curious to know more about this viral video, so we made an article and shared the complete information related to this video and about her.

Why Was Tara Jay Arrested

Tara Jay is identified as a transgender woman and an active social media user who carries a large number of fans on her social media accounts. She shared a video in which she threatens someone who tries to stop a biological man from using a women’s toilet. This video and she has concerns among social media users with the video. After sharing this threat video, there is no news shared about any police investigation because this video shows that she is treating someone which is illegal and a crime. Scroll down to know more about her.

Why Was Tara Jay Arrested?

It is appears there about to be little discussion or indication that there is an investigation began after coming out of this video but there is no exact statement or evidence about her arrest. The running time of this viral video is around 1 minute 37 seconds and this video is continuously gathering a large number of views on the internet and social media pages. It is shared that this video was first shared on Twitter and later uploaded on other social media pages. There is not much information has been shared about this video.

This video is currently running on the top of the internet and social media. Many users of social media also shared their reactions to this viral video by commenting on this video. The person who was treated in this video is still not identified and not much information was shared about this video. We will update our article after getting more news related to this video. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to read more articles on the latest and exciting news topics of the daily world.


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