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Why YouTuber Quantum TV Arrested: Bond Set $500


Hello, today we are going to share with you the information about the case in which the arrest case creates a buzz and spread widely all over the net. As you, many watched and heard about the arrested cases of famous personalities and content creators. Yes, this case is also related to a famous channel on Youtube which is Quantum TV. Quantum TV got everyone’s attention when he is claimed to be domestic violence by a woman. A content creator was alleged to use domestic violence against a woman. To know more details and information about this case please scroll down the page and continue to read.

According to the report, Qunattum Tv which is the channel name on youtube which is run by a content creator whose name is Kelly and also known as “The Act Man”. This content creator also gained a reputation for claiming ownership via copyright claims over many videos created by others.

YouTuber Quantum TV Arrested Bond Set $500

Yesterday the news created buzz and got everyone’s attention that a Quantum Tv content creator was arrested because he used domestic violence against a woman and even prevented her from Contacting law enforcement. To know more continue to read until the end of the article.

Why YouTuber Quantum TV Arrested

According to the reports, on 24 April 2023, a post is shared by a user of social media, and in those posts with the screenshot in which he disclosed the Quantum TV  arrest and said that Youtuber was arrested with a one-degree felony for domestic violence. First-degree felonies can be conditional on the administration. In most cases, a conviction for a first-degree felony can result in a lengthy prison sentence, hefty fines, and a criminal record that can impact an individual’s personal and professional life.

The Youtuber of Qunatam TV has been accused of attempting to move funds from the victim’s bank account. The victim suffered some lacerations to her hand after the incident. According to the reports, The YouTuber bend the amount set at $500.The court has scheduled Quantum Tv trials on May 30 2023 at the  Criminal justice centre in Sanford. Quantum Tv has not said anything about this and not make any official statements. Many people give their reactions and statements. One of them says that this is not news and it happens every day. It is increasing day by day that most of the people who are YouTubers are arrested or any one of them gets controversial for their videos and their doings.  Now we only can wait for the decision of the judge on 30 May 2023.


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