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Wild Villa Latest Episode 15th August 2021: Devashish & Avantika Get Into A Verbal Spat


Hey readers, we are back with the latest updates of the 23rd episode of a quite sensational dating show Wild Villa, whose everyone was waiting for so many clashes will take place among the contestants inside the villa. In short, all havoc circumstances will make your weekend amazing, we know that you must be keen to know the comprehensive details about the episode. Because due to the clash of Devashish and Avantika, it has become a subject of discussion and plenty of fans would like to know everything, so below you can check the entire details with dumping zome.

Wild Villa

In the upcoming episode, you will watch an ugly argument between Devashish & Avantilka, and somewhere Samruddhi is a cause of this. Because she tells such things to Devashish through which, he gets upset but Avantika gets shocked to hear this, because from the very beginning Samuruddhi is addressing herself as a blossom friend of Avantika. Therefore she did not expect the betray from her but despite this, she inflamed him and created the differences between the two. But during their spat, Nikhil interrupts them and praises them as well by saying that it’s nice that they are becoming the finest towards their decisions.

After a while, he assures them that they can settle their all differences because it’s a part of their survival in the Willa, at the same time, he asks Janvi that did she is happy with Gary-Lu’s arrival. She expresses her feelings that she was waiting for this, and now he has come and she is quite happy. Then he asks her to sit beside him do not too far but she replies that both had an argument hence, she sits away from him because he said that he needs his space and so she is giving him that.

Further, she mentions that due to some issues they decide to talk about that later so that, things can not be messed up. At the same time, Nikhil asks a question, Gary, that if he would get a chance to pair up, so to whom he will choose between Avantika and Janvi. Without thinking more he takes Janvi’s name. As same as he asks Janvi that to whom she will choose in pair up, so takes Gary’s name by saying that she would like to choose him over anyone else. So do not miss to watch it on VOOT at the correct time and for more details connect with us.


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