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Wild Villa Latest Episode 1st August 2021: Updates: Casino Nights Task Begins Check Who Won


The most sensational dating reality show Wild Villa has reached in episode 21 and all incredible and enthusiastic twists are ready to take place inside the villa. As everyone knows that from the beginning the show is becoming a subject of discussion among the fans and weekly some meritorious twists shocked the viewers as well. In the upcoming episode, the makers are organizing a new task called Casino Nights So what is going to happen in this task, which will surprise you. Now the curiosity has increased a lot, but the information given below will satisfy you. 

Wild Villa casino night

The 21st episode will begin where host Nikhil announces the Casino Nights Task Where all the four boys will participate in this game and it is very important for them as the show has reached its very exciting stage. No contestant wants to take chances, no matter what happens, it is very interesting to know what will happen in the task now. This task will also bring with it some very important rights, as the audience has been watching since the beginning and these rights are so amazing that completely reverse the course of the game.

In the task, all the boys have to win some coins to play the game in the casino as in normal casinos as this bet will take them forward. That’s why all the girls will have 10 stories through which the boys will get coins to move ahead in the game. If girls kiss on boys’ chin nose and forehead then they will get a coin, and if those girls kiss Boy’s lips then they will get 2 coins, so you can guess from this how awesome it is going to be. That’s why the boy who has more coins has more chances to win.

As gambling goes on in ordinary casinos, in the same way the process of this game will also proceed. There is also a condition that if a boy loses this task, then he will have to stand in underwear only without pants. If we talk about the winner then there is a lot of chances for Piyush and Arjun because both of them have a good game from the beginning. If they win then he will be safe from elimination and whoever comes at number 4 will go straight to the nominations. So do not miss to watch it on Voot and for further details stay connected with us.


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