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Wild Villa Latest Episode 8th August 2021 Casino Task Continues Check Who Won & Entered To Finale Challenge


Hey readers, we are back with the latest updates of the coming 22nd episode of Wild Villa whose everyone is waiting for, because this kind of sensational dating reality shows rules the hearts of viewers. Therefore weekly the makers make the viewers familiar with enthusiastic twists and turns, which makes us amazed always. This time too something similar is going to happen which will surprise you because now the show has reached the stage from where many Obstacles are coming ahead of the contestants. So get to know everything checks the details given below with dumping zone information.

Wild Villa

The upcoming episode begins where a very exciting task is coming towards the viewers under which, you will not be able to take your eyes off. Because this time in the task all the boys have to choose a girl for themselves as their lady luck. As it sounds so amazing, you can guess how many fun activities the task is actually bringing up. The entire attention is on which boy will choose which girl, which has become a topic of discussion among the audience. As per the sources, Gary-Lu will choose Janvi and Piyush will choose Samruddhi as their lady luck. 

Another side, Arjun chooses Agriya, Devashish chooses Riya but no one chooses Azma & Avantika. So as we have watched in the last casino task a similar to that will happen this time too, where Boys will play the game but they have to make sure themselves before taking any step. That their all moves will help them to get more chances, because who will get more chances that contestants winning chances will increase more. As per the many speculations, there are wide chances for Piyush to take over the task easily. At the same time, the viewers will become a witness of Wild Card entry who is Samarthya Gupta.


So in the previous episode as we have watched the Casino task begins where all girls have to kiss their favourite male contestant. Because kisses will be count as points or coins through which, contestants will play ahead of the game. So Piyush got the highest amount of kisses from the girls because of which, he played the game in the too finest way. Because he has a nice bond with all contestants especially girls which would have been proven beneficial for him. So do not miss streaming it on Voot and for more details connect with us


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