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Wild Villa Latest Episode Online 29th August 2021 Grand Finale Winner Name? Splitsvilla x3/13 Wild Card Names


Nikhil Chinappa’s popular reality show Wild Villa is all set to telecast its Grand Finale episode tonight. After entertaining viewers for months, the show will be bidding adieu after announcing the anticipated winner name. Since the show is highly influenced by another reality show of MTV Splitsvilla Xe Season 13, the fans got high-voltage drama and arrival of the contestants from one show to another. The final episode of the Voot show will be aired on August 28, 2021, which will announce the winning couple or it might exceed as two couples might become winners as well.

Wild Villa

It was the first season of the show that featured contestants having the power to change the game of the Splitsvilians. Started with 6 hot singles, the show managed to garner huge attention from the public due to its unique theme. Here, these contestants were battling to win the challenges and tasks coming their way as it would pave the way to MTV’s show. The viewers got to witness power-packed performances as the participants sweat a lot to get entry in Splitsvilla. Earlier, two wild villains, Sapna Malik and Debashish were sent to splitsvilla and had to perform some secret tasks to permanent their stay there.

Defeating Debashish, Sapna Malik had won the tasks and became an actual contestant of the show while Debashish returned. Now, Wil Villa is giving the last opportunity to all the contestants including Gary Lu, Debashish, Piyush, Samarthya Gupta, Samruddhi, Janhvi, Avantika, Agriya, and Arjun, Azma, and Riya. These participants will have to cross the last hurdle to win the show. However, the battle is going to be extremely tough as the host announced that the contestants have individually reached the finale but have to find out their partner to perform the finale task.

The host Nikhil welcomed Arjun, Janhvi and Agriya in the finals as well and they will be performing in the Grand Finale as well. AS the contestants have to pitch others to become their partner, Samarthya directly went to Samruddhi and convinced her to perform with him. He pitched her by stating they will return Splitsvilla and go to their respective partners that is Nikita Bhamidipati and Trevon. Besides, Piyush pitched Avanatika to be his connection for the task. As per the reports, Samarthya-Samruddhi and Piyush-Avantika will emerge out as the winners of Wild Villa after performing in the jaw-dropping finale tasks and enter the thirteenth season of Splitsvilla to brought changes in the participant’s gameplay.


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