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Woadie2live Rapper Shot To Death Video, Bandman Fari Killed Him? Wiki Biography Bio Age


This month alone witnessed plenty of unfortunate deaths of popular rappers, internet stars, and singers. Recently, another name has joined the list. Yes, the popular rapper Woadie2live has passed away after being shot. As shocking as it seems, it is the bitter truth. The rapper was reportedly shot to death on September 5, 2021. As per the tweet of Follow Buzzworldhiphop, Woadie2live was killed on Sunday’s night. The news has shaken everyone as it came as a shocker. No one had imagined that the rising rapper would have suck kind ending.

Woadie2live death

People who were close to the rapper has been mourning his death and sending prayers and strength to his family and close relatives. The death news has been surfacing on the internet like fire as everyone has gotten shocked learning about his passing. The netizens are wondering who killed Woadie2alive and why did they kill him at such a young age. Online sources claim that one of the rapper’s friends, Bandman Fari shot Woadie2live that caused his death on the spot. Though there is no confirmation if Bandman was actually involved in the killing of the rapper or not as no official confirmation regarding the same has come forward.

It is being said that Bandman Fari was the deceased rapper’s close friend and is a rapper himself. The pair had appeared in plenty of video songs together. It is really unexpected that he went ahead and killed his own friend. Sources also reveal that Bandman was quite jealous of Woadie2live rapper and due to his increasing jealousy, he shot and killed him in front of a club. It is also coming forward, the Bandman has gotten arrested by the officials for reportedly killing his rapper friend. One user on Facebook shared the arrest news.

Besides having known the murderer of Woadie2live, there is no other information available on his shocking death. However, our site will update the public as soon as any information is received. Talking about the killed rapper, he was expected to be 23-years-old and was slowly paving his way in the music industry. Some of his songs have gotten huge recognition including New Opps, Whole Lotta Love, Extortion and various others. Apart from his songs, the rapper rose to popularity after becoming a member of Dalworth. He had a decent number of followers on social media who supported him for his love and passion for his work. May his pure soul rest in peace!


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