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Woman Dies After Speeding Car Hits Her in Mumbai’s Worli


On Saturday, 18th of March 2023, something quite tragic happened at Mumbai’s Worli which left the entire premise shocked in a certain manner, which no one had even imagined. Yes, you heard right, a woman’s morning walk turned tragic after she collided with a furious car, later, she was transported to the nearest medical center for treatment but unluckily it had too late to bring her there, as she had already left the globe. Thus, the medical team pronounced him dead while asking the police to bring her back to her residence for the cremation, below you can explore the further updates.


As per the exclusive reports or sources, the woman was roaming on the street of Worli in the early morning of Saturday, while taking the fresh air but unfortunately, a furious car came to her and hit her from behind and threw her a few feets ahead of the spot. The incident was quite tragic and intense as the sound alerted the other ones and thus, they rushed to save her, asking the car driver to come out of the vehicle. Even, one of them made a call to the police while conveying everything about the scene.

As soon as police got acquainted with the case they made their spontaneous appearance there to save her while making the people away from the spot and meanwhile, brought the defaulter into their custody. Later, they shared the identification of the defaulter while mentioning that the vehicle was driven by a 23-year-old boy who lost control over his car’s speed and collided with the woman who was roaming next to the road. As the Tata Nexon EV car was thoroughly crumbled in front with the left side of the car suffering the worst crash. The windshield of the car was also shattered into the pieces.

Currently, the investigation is being taken ahead by the police while remaining the defaulter in their custody and interrogating his family as well, who did not even know where he was on the day of becoming the cause of somebody’s unexpected departure even though all the documents have been seized by the authorities and now, he has gotten the tag of a defaulter. Even, a few are requesting the concerned authorities to take strict actions against such people who forgive their limit while riding a vehicle. So when something comes we will update you, stay tuned with us and do follow Social Telecast.


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