Home Entertainment Woman Plunges To Her Death Off Midtown Hotel: Boyfriend Arrested

Woman Plunges To Her Death Off Midtown Hotel: Boyfriend Arrested


Recently, a Colorado woman passed away after jumping or falling from the window of Times Square window. Now, her boyfriend detained by the authorities and this news is gathering so much attention on the news. She was 20 years old at the time of her death and was a resident of Colorado. This news is creating a great buzz on the internet and many people are expressing their interest to know more about her death and herself. If you are also curious to know more about her then reached the right site, so let’s continue your reading to know the whole information about this jumping incident.

Woman Plunges To Her Death Off Midtown Hotel

According to the exclusive reports, the arrested person or her boyfriend is identified as Tyler Griffin in this investigation. It is shared that woman had a violent argument with her boyfriend before jumping from the hotel. In this argument, an 8-year-old daughter was also hurt and now the police arrested his boyfriend.

Woman Plunges To Her Death Off Midtown Hotel

This incident took place on Tuesday 2 May 2023 at the Oyo Hotel in Times Square and the police responded to a call report of an assault happening at the hotel. The couple is a resident of Littleton, Colorado, and now got into a violent fight late Tuesday. Scroll down to know more about this incident.

The police arrive at the incident spot at 10:27 pm and found a young woman lying on the second-floor scaffolding outside of the hotel in an unconscious and unresponsive condition. The name of the deceased woman is not confirmed and it is said that she was punched by her boyfriend before jumping and her boyfriend leaving her bruised up. Her death news was confirmed by the police at around 10:30 and she died on the incident spot. Jumping from the hotel is said as the cause of her death.

Police also stated that there is no indication that she was pushed or thrown and the police were called to a physical altercation between them before her jumping. It is shared that the argue meant began when he pulled the baby’s arm in a force full manner. On this she yelled “Don’t hurt the baby” and later she jumped from the hotel. There are various pictures are coming out related to this incident and circulating on social media pages. Currently, not much information has been shared about this incident but the investigation is in progress and everything will be clear after the complete investigation. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to read more articles.


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