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Woman Quits Her Job In TikTok Viral Video: Her Boss Talking Smack Behind Her Back


There is a piece of news coming forward that Woman quits her job in TikTok viral video and this news is spreading like fire on the internet and many social media platforms. Every day lots of videos are uploaded and posted on the internet and social media in which many of which went viral and are most liked by people. Similarly, there is a video that went viral in which one person is not willing to say anything in the face or in front of another person but has no problem to speaks behind his back. Let us know more information about this viral video in this article, so read it continuously and completely.

According to the reports and information, there is a video went viral in which a TikTok user uploads a video of her boss who was talking smack and she didn’t know that her boss was listening to her behind her back.

What Happened In TikTok Viral Video

Woman Quits Her Job In TikTok Viral Video

Samantha Rae Garcia shared a TikTok in which she found that her boss was speaking ill about her and her working performance by standing just a few feet away from her. This video clip turned into a comedy event because her boss don’t know that she was sitting within earshot of their backbiting. Scroll down and continue your reading.

The Tiktok user is seen as that she is taking the whole incident in stride, even whispering about her reminders in this video clip and changing this video’s situation into a fun kind of video clip. She also shared a text with his viral video “My boss doesn’t know that I was sitting right here when she was talking badly about me”. She shared a caption with this video now I quit my job of 4 years today and I am done this disrespectful behavior for me and it hasn’t had a manager training in over 50 years managers BYE”.

There are many users of social media and netizens share their reactions to this video is continuously getting so much popularity on the internet and social media platforms. Many users share various comments on this video and share their funny responses to this video. This video is easy to watch on the internet and on many social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. Currently, not much information is shared about this video. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to get more articles on the latest and exciting news topics.


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