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Woman With Indian Flag Painted on Face Denied Entry into Golden Temple


Today we are going to share some shocking news with you. This news is viral on the internet vastly. This news comes from Amritsar, Punjab. This controversy began when a lady claimed that she will not be getting entry into the Golden Temple, Amritsar. This is extremely shocking news for everyone. All the people want to know about that why she was not entered in Golden Temple. All the people are very curious to know about what was the reason behind this scene. What she did do? We have to share all the information with you. Scroll to read more information.

Woman With Indian Flag Painted on Face

You will the 40 minutes video. This video is viral on social platforms vastly. In this video can see the lady has painted a Tricolour on his face. And she go to the Golden Temple but she was not entered. She was the visitor. She visits Golden Temple to take a blessing from god. But the Sewadar said that she will not enter Gurudwara because she has painted their face. This is a really bad thing that was done by Sewadar. We requested the government of India, they will take action on the Sewadar.

Woman Denied Entry in Golden Temple For Painting Tricolour On Face

According to the reports, people comment on the video that this is really shocking news for everyone. Everyone has the right to take a blessing at Golden Temple. People also said, that if she has painted her face so is not wrong. She shows that she loves the culture of India. This only paints a Tricolour on her face and it is not shameful news. This is a very proud moment for India because a lady comes to India and she will follow our culture. She was really disappointed by she faced a very cruel thing by Sewadar.

According to SGPC, If any employee has indisciplined with the visitor so they all have apologized for their mistake. All the people are talking about the Sikh community and that they will do really badly with visitors. After watching this 40 minutes video people are very angry with Sewadar. The sewadar is identified as Sarbjit Singh. According to Sarbjit, he justified his act by saying that he had apprised her about the ”Gurumaryada.” He also said that ”Every religion has its principles and codes that have to be followed.” Here we can share all the information with you about this incident. Follow for more information. Stay tuned with us.


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