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Wonder Egg Priority Special Release Date & Time Cast Story Trailer Preview & Everything


The quite meritorious Anime Series Wonder Egg priority has been released on OTT platform Netflix and getting a fantabulous response from the audience. Because everyone was eagerly waiting for it, and when it took the place numerous people screamed it. From time to time the series is releasing the parts in installments and the first part was released on 13th January 2021 and now the new part Wonder Egg Priority has released by the makers on 30th June. So get to know more about the characters, story plot, review, production team details check the details below.

Wonder Egg Priority Special Release Date & Time Cast Story Trailer Preview & Everything

Amidst the ever-increasing followers and fans, this series also living up to the expectations of their fans. Because it got the 8.2 rankings out of 10 on IMDb, it aired earlier this year and despite the last episode, the series received a significant following. We know that all die-hard supporters are following the Anime series from the starting and they would know everything about it, but we are here to make the viewers get familiar along with the 13th episode. Because as per the sources, it would be overwhelming for sure so check the details about it.

When it comes to the story plot of the series, so series you will watch that the story revolves around a school-going student called Ai Ohto who is unable to attend school after the painful death of his Friend Koito Nagase. While walking in late at night he gets a suspicious sound and he starts following the sound. While finding he gets a Gachapon Machine which produces a wonder egg, and he gets dragged into the world of dreams where the eggs produce a girl. In short, the story is finest enough and definitely make you surprised while streaming.


  • Ai Ohto
  • Neiru Aonuma
  • Rika Kawai
  • Momoe Sawaki
  • Koito Nagase
  • Shuichiro Sawaki
  • Acca
  • Ura-Acca
  • Frill

This episode will start along with the superb actions and picks uprights where the previous episode left us. He got separated from his friends and they all choose different ways and unfortunately, they did not get the way to step back because still, Frill is a great danger in the chasing of a massive and ominous target. So now Ai has a responsibility to make them together again to tackle all the circumstances before bad consequences. If the upcoming episode is not creating havoc in your mind so the trailer will definitely make you shocked due to the astonishing performances and story. So do not miss streaming it on Netflix and for more details connect with us.


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