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Woodland California Accident: 13-year-old Boy Charged With Vehicular Manslaughter in Deadly Crash


Today, we are presenting shocking news to you. This news is from Woodland, California. A 13-year-old boy’s careless joyride caused this accident. In this accident, three-car crashed in California. The crash outcome in the death of a woman and caused ten individuals. On a Saturday night, April 8 Woodland Police declared that a Sacramento police officer spotted a boy .he derived recklessly, close to Main Street and College Street. Police alleged the mysterious teen tuck into the car. The police officer tried to stop him, slamming into two cars near the crossing of College and Court Street.

California teen

The first respondent sees the rushing to the recovery of the victims in the terrible after-effects as one car is seen on fire underneath another. After this incident, one of the other cars overtakes the flame. According to the information, innocent people get injured there was the result of the incident is one female adult dies. And three of the ten injured were children. Currently, medical treatment is given to injured people. This is a very critical situation for individuals. This is a big mistake done by the boy. People are afraid after they see this news. They think they are not safe everywhere.

Woodland California Accident

Reporters were informed about the scene by Woodland police Sgt Victoria Danzl that the young suspect had stolen the Honda Pilot. He was driving from a family member. According to CBS, Judy Fann gave a statement, ”I am totally in. Nothing has ever happened in Woodland like this”.Local people are very worried who lived under the 25 mph zone when they heard about this incident. Many peoples have reacted on social media after hearing this news. They say ”Parents should be ashamed of murder.”

This incident really gets goosebumps on the individuals. People still praying for the injured. This time is very difficult for injured people’s families. This incident give depression in everyone. We should pray for people to get healthy after this. And we think people can forget this incident as a bad dream. Government can make strict rules on that after seeing this incident. The government takes action against the boy. Police do the investigation on the incident point. We have seen a lot of accidents like this also one of them. All the information we can share with you.


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