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Wrestler Cody Greene Car Accident Video Footage How Did He Died Cause Of Death?


Undoubtedly, death is the ultimate truth but seeing people leaving the world at such a young age breaks heart. Cody Greene, a popular Seckman wrestler, has reportedly died after getting into a car accident. The entire Missouri community has been mourning the unfortunate and untimely demise of their lovable wrestler. It’s really saddening to think about what his family and friends would be feeling after losing a member at a mere age. The general public has been left with questions regarding the cause of the death and if it was an accident, how did it actually take place.

Wrestler Cody Greene

As per reliable sources, Cody Greene met with a tragic accident that resulted in his sudden death. As soon as the accident happened, the people who were present there at the scene took him to the hospital. However, the medical staff couldn’t save his life and announced his death. Ever since the wrestling community has fallen in deep shock as they are still finding it hard that the person who worked with them throughout the years and was brilliant in his field has passed away this sooner. Seckman Wrestling shared the heartbreaking news on their Facebook account.

Sharing the news of Cody Greene’s untimely death, the Seckman Wrestling page wrote that they with a very heavy heart, are announcing the passing away of former wrestler and head coach. They shared that Cody Greene was the first State Champion in school history and through his capabilities and passion, he managed to obtain many trophies and appreciation. Started from a wrestler, Greene soon became the head coach and led the program to win multiple state trophies. It was shared that Cody Greene succeeded in leaving a long-lasting mark on everyone he ever crossed paths with. They also added that he will be remembered as a great coach, wrestler, father, husband, and a son.

Mizzou Wrestling also took to their Twitter handle to share the heart-wrenching news. Speaking of the accident, Cody Greene was indulged in a tragic car accident. It took place in Texas. The accident resulted in Cody getting mortally wounded. Despite being taken to the nearby hospital, the wrestler couldn’t get saved and passed away. Several people are coming forward to raise funds for him so that the family can bear the funeral and hospital expenses. So far, plenty of funds has gotten raised. Our thoughts and prayers go out with the family in this undeniable hard time.


  1. He was my Language Arts teacher Freshman year. I enjoyed being in his class, it’s just disheartening that he is gone. He left behind a legacy and we will never forget him.


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