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Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update 17 April 2023: Samrat Confesses His Love


Today we are again to give you the latest written update of today s episode of Ye Hain Chhatein 17th April 2023. Today’s episode starts with the scene Nayantara asks Samrat why he went with money to meet Mansi. Samrat said to Nayanthara What happened to Ashok because of Mansi and she blackmailed him. He says that he wanted clear the Mansi misunderstanding but this happened and they did not kill Mansi. Nayatara tells him that she knows they are innocent. Mohit wonders who killed Mansi. Samrat says that even though he is innocent but the evidence is pointing at him. To know more continue to read.

Samrat meets Govind and asks him why he took the blame on himself.Nayantara need Samrat. And Samrat can keep Nayantara happy. Samrat tells him that the latter will be proven innocent. The police inspector says that Govind’s fingerprints matching with the fingerprints they found in the knife so they won’t give bail to Govind. Samrat tells everything to Nayantara. He says that Govind was with him always so how is that possible? Later, Samrat receives a message and leaves there. drag down the page and keep to continuing reading

Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Update

The next day, Shanti and Malati search for Govind. Samrat tells them everything. Samrat decided that he will surely prove innocence to Govinda. But after they get the happy news that the police release Govind due to no evidence.

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17 April 2023 written update

Police said there is no evidence because they are destroyed by the fire accident. Both Mansi’s body and proof were destroyed. Samrat brings Govind to the house and Govind asks Nayantara to go on a date with him.

After this Nayantara tells Samrat that she is really happy after a long time and asks him why he is silent he confesses his love to her and Nayantara gets shocked and pushes him away also she gets surprised when she sees Mansi alive who is dead in peoples eyes. Mansi tells Samrat that she underestimates him.

Samrat gets shocked Mansi is alive and she tells him all thig that how she trapped Govind in her murder case. She orders him to throw Nayantara out of his life for Govind’s release. This episode is end here for the next episode’s latest written update stay tuned with us. we will entertain you always by giving you news updates and information so stay with this website for new updates.


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