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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 23 April 2023 Written Update


Hello readers and viewers, here we are again to give you the latest written updates of today’s episodes of Yeh Rishta kya Khelata hai on 23 April 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Akshu says to Abhimanyu that Abhir is her and Abhinav’s son and reminds Abhimanyu’s words to him when she needs him and calls him to tell him that she has to say something about their babies. Akshara cries and says that even though you are the biological father of  Abhir but you will be not able and never be his real father because his real father is Abhinav who loves Abhir a lot and even helped me and support me in my crucial time. Abhimanyu sits and cries.

The scene shifts to Muskaan when she is saying that she needs printouts and the printer is in Bhairavs room. She is walking when she hears Kiarav conversation who is talking with a girl she asks Kairav if he is like someone and he says yes then Muskan recalls the moments that happened with Kairav. Muskaan walks away from there and when she comes out Abhinav comes and asks Muskaan why her cheeks are so red. And she says no.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Next Scene

Then the scene comes of Abhimanyu who returns home with Akshu’s words swirling in his head then he sits and recalls the memories of him and how he was telling his mother about his baby’s future planning. Then his mother comes and asks him what happened to him. She asks if he also went to Goenka’s house when you go to the hospital. Abhi hugs his mother and cries.

Akshu is still in confusion that if she tells Abhinav or not about this matter then she also says that she will tell Abhinav. Abhinav has the right to know about this matter. Abhimanyu will not sit quietly and will ruin everything once again. She sees the jam and drives ahead. She stops seeing a car in front. She falls over the steering. Akshara gets worried to see Manjri and when Manjri pulls out Akshara from the car.

But Akshara realizes that Manjri is saving her because smoke is coming out from Aksharas car. Manjri says I know you leave tomorrow for the US with Abhir and I always pray for Abhir that he recovers soon and come back but I also never forgive you. Akshara thinks why did you, not Abhimanyiu tell anything to Manjri? After Akshu returns home and get is shocked to see Abhimanyu there who comes for Abhir and gives the balloons to Abhir.

Abhir was also happy to see Abhimanyu and they have talk personally. In the end scene of the episode Abhimanyu and Akashara challenge each other that Abhir will not go to the US and Akshara says that they are going tomorrow that finals. He says I will get anything, I just have to get stubborn, you know what happens when I get adamant, you have 24 hours to think. He leaves. She worries.



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