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YNT Juan Teen Rapper Shot Dead, Who Was The Killer/ Suspect Name Check Video Images


Recently, it has been reported that YNT Juan, a teen rapper, was shot dead. The shocking incident took place in Hartford located in Connecticut where the teenager was seated in his parked car and got killed. According to the Hartford Courant report, the 17-years-old was found dead in the said car that was reportedly parked in Martin Street on Monday, August 9, 2021. Additionally, the death place is quite near to the residence where the young rapper lived at. The news has shocked everyone as this happens to be the 25th murder alone in Hartford.

YNT Juan

The teenager rapper was popularly known by YNT Juan while his real name was Juan Bautista Garcia. On his Instagram profile, the rapper had managed to earn over 20,000 followers and gained immense support from them as well. Recently, YNT Juan had released a snippet of his new “Power (Remix)”. This was posted some hours before the horrifying killing. The fans have gotten devastated after knowing the death of their favourite rapper and have been paying him a tribute on their respective social media accounts. While Juan’s friends have also posted heartfelt comments on the posted snippet on his profile.

One of YNT’s friends Janine told the Connecticut publication that Juan was just 17-years-old and hadn’t even graduated yet. They shared that the rapper never went live on his Instagram to create drama or publicity but to support his friends’ music and to promote the same. At present, the Hartford police have started their investigation from the crime scene. The rapper’s murder has become the topic of concern as it marks the 25th homicide of the area. Previously, another popular rapper Indian Red Boy belonging to California was shot dead as well. He was killed on his Instagram live.

Before Indian Red Boy, Milwaukee rapper named Fatboi Gwalla Gwalla was also recovered dead in a flaming car. The incident had taken place two months before the California rapper’s death. whereas, King Von and rapper AO3 from Texas were also shot and brutally killed in November. Considering YNT Juan had his whole life ahead and he had just stepped foot on his dream to become a successful rapper, the death news is extremely upsetting. He had released plenty of songs on his SoundCloud which had garnered huge attention from the fans. Now, his new music video’ snippet has sadly become the last post from his official Instagram account. May YNT Juan soul rest in peace.


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