Home Entertainment YouTuber Ricegum Lost His Unborn Child With His Girlfriend Ellerie Marie

YouTuber Ricegum Lost His Unborn Child With His Girlfriend Ellerie Marie


Today we are going to share sad news which happened to the famous couple who lost their child even before coming into the world. It was hard for the couple who dreamed and saw their future with their child but when they were about come parents of a child and they lost. It was devasted situation for both men and women when they lost their own child who was still unborn and did not see the world. Yes, this happened to a famous couple who brought the news recently of becoming parents recently. This article tells you about a couple who are in grief.

This is very disheartening news for everyone who are parents and only they can feel the pain of losing the child. The couple we are talking about is Ellerie Marie and Ricegum. They posted news that they will become parents but when this time come they lost their child.

Ricegum's girlfriend amid tragic loss of unborn baby girl

Rice Gum’s real name is Bryan Qquang Le he is an American YouTuber and rapper and best known for his Diss Tracks and online feuds with other Youtube personalities. His channel on youtube received over ten million subscribers and over two billion video views.

YouTuber Ricegum Lost His Unborn Child With His Girlfriend

His girlfriend Ellie Marie is an American social media influencer who makes content on beauty tips. She was born and raised in San Diego, Marie. She has decent followers on Instagram and Tiktok. She is an influencer whose videos are related to beauty and fashion. She posted posts related to her content on beauty and fashion to entertain the audience and her fans.

The couple was happy that they become soon parents and Ricegum showed his excitement and happiness that only a few more weeks left before the arrival of the baby but they are devasted and still in deep shock because they lost their first child who was still unborn.

Their friends and family were overjoyed and on the rooftop of the cloud when they heard about Ellie’s pregnancy and now all are in a state of grief and shock. Rice Gum shared this devasted news on his channel and after this, the couples get lots o prayers and condolence. A user commented I’m sorry for your loss, she’s now your angel, watching you both all the time. She will always be with you! Another wrote, Sorry for your loss rice, we are all here to support you, man. Our support to you. For more updates stay tuned with social telecast.


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