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Yuji Nunokawa Dead: Naruto Anime Producer & Studio Pierrot Founder Dies Aged 75


Popular anime giant and the founder of naruto studios died on Christmas eve 25th of December 2022. All anime fans are grieving on the internet and posting condolence messages on Twitter. Yuji Nunokawa was a well-known personality in the Japanese anime industry. As soon as the news took place on the internet everyone on Twitter started posting his pictures and showing their love. Here in this article, you will get to know who was Yuji Nunokawa and how he died.

Yuji Nunokawa Dead Naruto Anime Producer Studio Pierrot Founder Dies

Who Was Yuji Nunokawa?

Yuji was Born on February 11, 1947, in Sakata, Yamagata, Japan, and was raised by tailors and enjoyed drawing. When he was in high school, he was a member of an art group and one of his group members advised him to travel to Tokyo to attend the Nippon Design Welfare College. After some time he got graduated in 1967. He started his career as a company which was subcontractor for TJC which is now Eiken, as a colorist. Further in his career he also worked as a freelancer for many productions such as Mushi Productions and Tsuburaya Enterprises.

Tributes To Yuji Nunokawa

Yuji has contributed to making Pierrot the formidable figure he is today. He worked by holding a different variety of positions in his career,  including producing, directing, and panning. By the time Yuji was assisted in overseeing many biggest shonen titles. In the 2,000s he participated in the formation of The Association of Japanese Animations, Now they are managing the Suginami Animation Museum publishes the annual report, and works with the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry to organize the yearly Anime Japan convention.

Yuji has also founded NUROANI Juku to train young animators, producers, directors, and planners as well. He did this in a collaboration with famous animators Noriyuki Abe, the late Kazunori Mizuno, and Atsushi Wakabayashi.

We are sadly announcing the demise of one of the most popular Japanese legendary anime producers, directors, and animators, also the founder of Naruto Studio Yuji Nunokawa suddenly on 25 December at the age of 75 years. Talking about the cause of his death it not been revealed yet by his family. His friends and family are sad and not able to interact with the media. People on Twitter are expressing their feelings and showing love for him by posting his pictures writing obituaries and praying for him and his family. To get more updates and the latest news across the world stay tuned with socialtelecast.com.


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