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Yvonne Plaza Chua Shot Dead Video Full Cctv Footage What Happened With Her?


There is a video of Yvonne Plaza Chua that is gathering a lot of attention on the internet and this video describes the whole incident of her death. Her death occurred on 28 December 2022 and in this video, everything is clear about how she died. She died in a murder and she was killed outside of her house by two gunmen. There are lots of people asking various questions related to this incident and expressing their sorrows for her death and about this terrible incident. Let us discuss the whole information about her death and know some more information related to this incident in this incident, so read continuously.

Yvonne Plaza Chua Shot Dead Video Full Cctv Footage What Happened With Her?

After getting this news people are stunned and shocked and this incident was done in Davao City. In this CCTV footage, we can see that a woman Yvonne Plaza Chua died in a murder on the street in the green Meadows subdivision just in front of her house at Barangay Tugbok and a gunshot was the cause of her death. There were two assailants and after killing her, they both ran away from the incident place by taking her purse and this whole incident was captured in that video. She died at the incident spot and the investigation is ongoing for searching both culprits who are the prime suspect.

Police are continuing their investigation and still searching for both of them. In that video, it is clear that one assailant was in the motorbike and the second one was pointing his gun at her head and after killing her they both escaped from the incident spot. As per the reports of Catherine Dela Rey, a spokesperson of Davao City Police that it may be a personal grudge or robbery for this incident. There is no more information shared by the cops related to this case and the investigation is continuous.

The face of both assailants is not confirmed because they wore helmets at the time of her murder. She was 38 years old at the time of her death and she was a model and a businesswoman. The two assailants burned all cards which belonging to her personal details like her ID, Cellphone, and all cards. She was living in a rented house and her death incident which was captured in CCTV footage is not available on every social media platform as we can this video is only available is released completely on the internet. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to read more articles on other news topics.


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