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Do you need a website in 2023?


A well-thought-out company development strategy in 2023 is hard to imagine without the use of the Internet. Given the characteristics of modern society, buyers find most of the goods or services online. Result: the creation and subsequent reasonable promotion of the site are a successful marketing tool that attracts the attention of customers and increases profits.

Expert advice: buy a domain name. We are talking about an attractive domain, which will reflect the specifics of the company’s activities and its territorial affiliation. Ideally, if the content of the domain name contains the full name or abbreviation. This is the secret of brand recognition, which allows you to quickly find the platform in the search results.

Why do you need a website

In the 21st century, the presence of a working Internet resource helps with the following issues:

  • formation and strengthening of brand image;

  • the expansion of the customer base;

  • proper promotion by effective methods;

  • availability of information.

For many users, the presence of an actively working portal confirms the reliability of the company. For a quick and easy search for a site, you need to attract a domain. This increases trust, which has a positive effect on the reputation of the business. Plus: there is an opportunity to increase the target audience.

SEO-optimization with the use of effective marketing tools helps to reach a leading position in the search engine. In addition, the visitor receives the most complete information about the product or service with photographs or video review. The presence of feedback (call, chat or other options) contributes to the prompt processing of requests, which guarantees a positive response from buyers.

Website or social network

Expert assessment: social networks, taking into account their algorithms, are an auxiliary tool for promotion. There are a number of reasons for this:

  • internal restrictions (the administrator can block content if it violates the rules of the site);

  • operational change (correct the configuration of the page on the social network is not allowed);

  • incomplete coverage (the number of people using search engines is significantly greater than the target audience of even the most popular social network).

Tip:register a cheap domain name, even if there is an active profile in several social networks. The approach provides the most complete coverage of the target audience, which increases traffic.

Working with a domain name registrar

A positive effect is possible if the domain is chosen correctly. In addition, when choosing the right option domain name registrar saves a lot of time.

Benefits of cooperation:

  • reasonable prices for booking and renewing a domain (continuous monitoring helps in finding interesting offers);

  • official registration (registration of a domain name for a user);

  • support of specialists (quick resolution of technical issues, which allows you to restore access or other options);

  • a wide range of additional services.

Important: cooperation with a reliable domain name registrar is a guarantee of choosing the right option and renewing it. Plus: additional services are provided, which will best affect the attractiveness of the resource and its attendance.

The cost of registrar services is quite democratic, especially since it pays off. Also, various bonuses are offered to new and regular customers, which helps to reduce administrative costs.

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