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Is Stonetoss Hans Graebener? Doxxed and face reveal of meme artist


Who is Hans Kristian Graebener? The latest ongoing controversy is none other than related to the meme artist and cartoonist Stonetoss. It is believed that his identity and face has been revealed on the social media. Fans are figuring out the facts and truth behind the claim. Stonetoss is one of the most famous and viral meme artist who went viral on X. Anonymous Comrades Collective and Late Night Anti-Fascists has shared on his timeline about the identity and information of Stonetoss. Since they claimed, the posts flooded with thousands of comments and replies.

Who is Stonetoss?

Stonetoss is a well known and famous American meme-artist and cartoonist. The content creator is known for making YouTube videos about political messages and opinions and also makes variety of fun content on his channel. He is also called by other names on social media like “Stoney” and “Stone”.

The account of stone Toss has 1Lakh followers on Instagram where the creator had shared short clips and meme posts.

Stone Toss is a political cartoonist who kept his identity hidden since he started his official channel. Also his fans don’t know his real name and identity yet.

Did Stonetoss revealed face?

There are huge discussions and gossips about Stone Toss revealing his face and identity on social media. According to reports, StoneToss apparently has been doxxed by Antifa Groups. It sparked a new controversy after they claimed that Hans Kristian Graebener is the man who is better known as notorious meme artist Stone Toss. He is a 34-years old man from Texas who is making cartoons and political memes.

Also the group timeline and few users posted a picture of the artist which is not verified. after the claim, fans further started investigating the case by linking old posts an comments of the artist.

 How fans reacted?

Fans seems to be quite surprised and shocked after the identity reveal of the comic artist. Many fans quickly grabbed out more information about Hans Graebener through the local data and record sites. StoneToss had not officially revealed anything related to his identity and face. He posted no latest statements and kept his profile very low.

Well, it is not yet confirmed whether Hans Graebener and StoneToss are same or not. There are just speculations which are based on the information shared on social media. We may have StoneToss’s official identity soon.


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